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Achieve your financial goals with MoneyMatch! Choose loans you’ll fund, and earn monthly returns! Secure your future now!

Why Invest with MoneyMatch?


Get started with only Php 5,000 minimum investment.


Take control of your funds. Choose which loans to fund, choose how much to fund.


Diversify your portfolio. Invest on multiple loans with varying risk grades to spread your risk.


Interest returns range from 8%  up to 32%.

The Lending Journey


Fill in the online form and upload clear copies of two (2) valid IDs (primary government-issued IDs).

Upon approval of your account, you will receive a detailed instruction on how to fund your MoneyMatch wallet.


After funding your MoneyMatch wallet, you may start bidding on loan applications. Certain information, such as risk tags, are disclosed to you as a guide to your decision-making.


Loan repayments are scheduled monthly, but you may withdraw the funds you’ve earned on your MoneyMatch wallet anytime.

Getting Started

How does peer-to-peer lending work?
Peer-to-peer or P2P lending is a debt financing model that allows individuals to lend and borrow money through a platform.MoneyMatch serves as the platform or marketplace for investors and borrowers. Through MoneyMatch, lenders can invest on loans or parts of a loan, and receive returns through monthly repayments. Borrowers, on the other hand, can avail and repay loans through the platform.

MoneyMatch gives lenders full control of their funds. Lenders can bid on any loan or part(s) of a loan. MoneyMatch only provides certain information, such as risk tagging, etc., to guide the lender’s decision-making and risk appetite.

What are risk grades?

Risk grades or risk tags serves as a guide in your decision-making, and allows you to choose among the loan applications posted for auction in accordance to your risk appetite.

These are based on the borrower’s credit history as assessed by our screening and underwriting team, and third-party credit bureaus.

The following are the risk grades assigned to borrowers:

A – Borrowers profiled under this are low risk. You can offer interest rates ranging from 12% to 18%.

B – Borrowers profiled under this are medium risk. Interest rates that you can offer range from 19% to 24%.

C – Borrowers profiled under this are high risk. Interest rates that you can offer range from 25% to 36%.

How do I fund my MoneyMatch wallet?

To deposit funds into your MoneyMatch wallet, just follow the instructions below:
Step 1: Fund transfer or deposit through PBCOM or BDO (minimum of Php 5,000.00)
Step 2: After depositing through banks, kindly login to your MoneyMatch account. Click the Deposit Button, then provide the Amount deposited together with the Reference Number and scanned copy/photo of the deposit slip/online confirmation slip.
Fill out Deposit Slip/Form and indicate the following:
Account Name: FinTech Global Resources Inc.
Account Number: (230-10-100134-8)
Fill out Deposit Slip/Form and indicate the following:
Account Name: FinTech Global Resources Inc.
Account Number: (1530171855)
If you are experiencing difficulties in submitting the deposit details on your MoneyMatch account, kindly send the deposit slip with your Lender ID as the subject to
The amount you deposited will be credited in your MoneyMatch wallet within 24 to 48hours.
A notification will be sent to inform you that your deposit is already in your MoneyMatch wallet.
Once your deposit has been reflected on your MoneyMatch wallet, you may start funding loan applications on auction.
For clarifications, please contact us at:
Or Call: (02) 718-1046

When can I claim my earnings from my MoneyMatch wallet?

Loan repayments are scheduled on a monthly basis, and is reflected on your MoneyMatch wallet upon verification of borrower’s repayment.  You can withdraw funds reflected on your wallet any time!

To manage risk, Borrowers are required to provide Post Dated Checks (PDCs) for each month covered in loan repayment term (6-35 months) upon disbursement of loan proceeds.

How do I withdraw my funds from my MoneyMatch wallet?

In your MoneyMatch dashboard, you will see a CLAIM button. Click on this to request withdrawal of your MoneyMatch wallet funds. As added security, our Investor Relations Officer will contact you to confirm the transaction. Upon confirmation, a check will be issued and will be directly deposited to your account.

Who may I talk to if I want to learn more about the lending process?

Ask us anything about Lending via email at, or through our Facebook Page at and we’ll immediately get back to you.
For urgent queries and concern, you may opt to call us at (02) 718-1046.